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Holt Creek Lieutenant Bantam-P


BORN: 04/26/2017

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Holt Creek Lieutenant Bantam-P is a heterozygous polled, A2A2 Jersey bull that we have used for two seasons here at Holt Creek Jerseys.  Bantam is a bull with a unique pedigree, combining the influence of the North Coast group, Greg  Palen’s Netherhall Jerseys, Ron Holter’s Purely Pastured (Holterholm) Jerseys and LIC New Zealand Jersey genetics, from the maternal line that produced the Balladeer of Holt Creek. He has shown superior fertility by successfully breeding all females he has been exposed to during his first 2 seasons at Holt Creek. His mother was a cow with quick milk let-down and a wet, pliable, soft udder.


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