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Kentucky semen is no longer available. The following information is for historical purposes only.


Name: UR Holt Creek KENTUCKY {0}

Sire: Beledene Dukes Landy

Dam: Holt Creek Katrina Landy

Born: 04/27/2012

USA 118201636

aAa: N/A

Beta Casein: A2A2

Kappa Casein: AB

Beta Lactoglobulin: AA

Kentucky is a double grandson of the popular New Zealand bull Beledene Dukes Landy.  His mother was a fast-milking Beledene Dukes Landy daughter with a collapsible udder. His sire was a Beledene Dukes Landy son that was used quite heavily at Holt Creek via natural service but never collected. Kentucky daughters have tidy, well-attached udders with long hand-milking teats.  His daughters exhibit fast milking speed and are efficient producers of high butterfat milk.  Many Kentucky daughters are still milking in herds across the United States, and Kentucky himself is in natural-service use in Canada. If you are looking to infuse your herd with New Zealand Jersey genetics from the Beledene Dukes Landy bloodline, this bull, at 50% Landy blood, would be the same as using a son of Beledene Dukes Landy.  A2A2 Jersey Semen is as popular now as ever, and with the added New Zealand influence on top of Native-ized American Jersey foundations, this bull can help you reach your breeding goals.  Kentucky daughters have also proven to be excellent nurse cows, and several of our Kentucky daughters are still raising calves for us due to their willingness to accept calves not their own, their milking ability to feed several calves, and their ability to breed back in synch with our seasonal calving windows.

Organic, Grass-Fed, A2A2, Polled Jersey Genetics

Above: Dam of KENTUCKY: Holt Creek Kenya Landy {2} USA116704218

Organic, Grass-Fed, A2A2, Polled Jersey Genetics

Udder of Kenya before milking.


Organic, Grass-Fed, A2A2, Polled Jersey Genetics

Udder of Kenya after milking.

At 8 years old, Kenya produced a record of:

305 days 10,306 milk 489 lbs. 4.7% fat 356 lbs. 3.5% protein*

*Lactation completed on GRASS ONLY with NO GRAIN SUPPLEMENTATION.