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We have been getting a lot of inquiries lately from customers wanting sexed semen in order to get more heifer calves. While we do not yet offer sexed semen, we will be doing so in the future.

We have also been asked about HeiferPlus, more specifically the question: is HeiferPlus-treated semen the same as sexed semen?

What is HeiferPlus?

To find out more, we took a look at the HeiferPlus website. On the bottom of the page there is a Library with links to testimonials, instructions and data. If you are interested, you should check these out, but here is some of the more interesting information:

HeiferPlus is a semen treatment that can be added to semen straws prior to freezing or mixed with thawed semen during the preparation for artificial breeding.

HeiferPlus increases the percentage of heifer calves by “accelerating the motility of the X-chromosome (i.e. female) bearing sperm.” This “acceleration” increases the chance that the female sperm will be the first to reach and fertilize the egg.

Studies have shown that the ratio of heifers to bulls from HeiferPlus semen can be as high as 80-90%.

There is also evidence that HeiferPlus-treated semen boosts conception rates.

HeiferPlus-treated semen is NOT sexed semen. The male sperm have not been mechanically-sorted or removed from the semen. There is still a chance of obtaining a male offspring, although the chance of getting a bull calf is lower than that from using conventional semen.

HeiferPlus-treated semen has NOT had the male sperm “killed” chemically. If HeiferPlus contained a spermicide, it would also kill the female sperm.

HeiferPlus-treated semen does NOT guarantee a female calf will be born–but, to be fair, neither does mechanically-sorted sexed semen.

Again, studies have shown that the ratio of heifers to bulls from HeiferPlus semen can be as high as 80-90%. This may be enough to convince some breeders to try HeiferPlus-treated semen. We intend to do some of our own trials at Holt Creek Jerseys, along with implementing the collection and use of sexed semen from our own A2A2 Grassfed Polled Jersey bulls.

Holt Creek Jerseys is currently collecting customer feedback on our implementation of sexed semen. Filling out our Sexed Semen Survey will help us better serve you:


To see our semen availability, including bulls that we have sexed semen and HeiferPlus-treated semen from, check our our Semen Availability Page.

If this will be your first time ordering, read our blog post for those ordering semen for the first time.