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A2A2 Polled Jersey Semen from Alvin-PP is SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE!

The following information is given for historical purposes only.

Name: Branched Oak Sunpower ALVIN-PP

Stud Code: 129JE135

aAa: 4-5-3 (Strong-Smooth-Open)

Beta Casein: A2A2

Kappa Casein: BB

Beta Lactoglobulin: AB

Holt Creek Jerseys 10 star rating: 9 out of 10 stars (what’s this?)

Born: 12/01/2013

Registration Number: USA 119222661


Sire: Elanels Sun Power-PP USA 113127726            179JE44

Dam: Alanlin Gen Snuggle Robin-P USA 116527178

Sire of Sire: JPR Sunarchus-P USA 111282511            158JE83

Sire of Dam: Landys Genesis I Of Alanlin-P USA 115346170


Alvin is a bull that has been a pleasant surprise. We saved him for use on heifers as an outcross mating and were thrilled to see that all of his offspring were polled. Genetic testing proved him to be not only homozygous polled, but also A2A2 Beta Casein and BB Kappa Casein. His aAa code is one that will add strength to a mating, as is evidenced by his short, wide head and very wide muzzle. If you are looking for A2A2 Polled Jersey Semen, Alvin may be a good choice for you. As of 2021, we have had over 40 daughters and a dozen sons of Alvin, and many of those have gone on to perform well in other herds.  Our Alvin daughters that we have milked have been quiet, friendly, fast-milking cows with soft udder texture and high butterfat. We will no doubt be developing sons of Alvin for collecting more A2A2 polled Jersey semen in the future for our customers to continue utilizing these bloodlines.

  • A2A2 Polled Jersey Semen
  • Strength to add substance to narrow, weak cows
  • Homozygous Polled (PP)—will throw a polled calf EVERY TIME.
  • BB Beta Casein for improved cheese yield.
  • Outcross pedigree that works well on Landy bloodlines and will produce hybrid vigor within the Jersey breed.