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Homozygous Polled Jersey Semen from Geneologist of Netherhall-PP is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This information is for historical purposes only.

Geneologist of Netherhall-PP aAa 453162

Bred and owned by Greg Palen of Netherhall Polled Grazing Jerseys.

Greg developed this bull to address the issues of lack of width and body  volume, with the Strong quality to avoid the deep/heavy udder expression  where “thickness” is confused as “strength.” His pedigree is ¼ New  Zealand, ¼ Danish, and ½ Ogston-derived rugged Ohio-bred Jersey. His  dam was a favorite cow at Netherhall with a near-perfect udder who was  killed by lightning after 6 calves at yearly intervals. His granddam is 15  and has had 10 calves. His pedigree makes him capable of daughters with  up to 6% butterfat and 4% protein, and his offspring are designed to be  forage processors. While he is not A2A2, we will use him in select matings  at Holt Creek Jerseys to add the strength and polled traits to certain  bloodlines in our herd. He still has a 50% chance of siring A2A2 offspring when mated to A2A2 cows, he carries the desirable BB Kappa Casein genotype for increased cheese yield, and being Homozygous polled will have every calf born polled.  We think he is worth a look for breeders wanting to make strategic matings using a bull with a unique pedigree.