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Sputnik semen is no longer Available. This information is included for historical information.

WHAT?! Beef semen on a Jersey website?  Believe it or not, we have had many customers over the years wanting  mid-size polled beef semen to use on large, frail cows or to use on their Jersey cows to produce dual-purpose females and terminal cross bull calves. This is our answer to that demand.

mid-size polled beef semen

Clover Cove Sputnik-PP

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SPUTNIK is a Red Angus x Lowline Angus cross bull that we developed for our beef herd to REDUCE SIZE and DECREASE TIME TO FINISH. We used him across our beef herd as well as on some of our Jerseys to produce terminal-cross bull calves and dual-purpose heifer calves. The steers yield excellent quality meat and have the ability to finish on grass only in 18-20 months. While not a full miniature, Sputnik will significantly reduce the size of larger cattle with just one cross.

Dam of Sputnik, pictured at 14 years old.

Sputnik’s dam was a very small, very maternal Lowline Angus cow who bred back, year after year, until 16 YEARS OF AGE.  Her daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters are still in our beef herd, breeding back year after year.  Beef breed or not, this is the type of genetics even the most serious Jersey breeder can appreciate.  When used strategically and for a specific purpose, we think that Sputnik has much to offer in producing polled calves, decreasing size, and adding fleshing ability, maternality and fertility to his offspring. If you’re looking for mid-size polled beef semen to reduce the size of your calves and produce excellent beef, this is the bull for you.

product of mid-size polled beef semen

Daughter of Sputnik from a pure Jersey cow.

Sputnik x Jersey heifer

Sputnik semen is no longer Available. This information is included for historical information.