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We believe that the organic, grass-fed, A2 Jersey milk and dairy products from our polled, grass-fed A2 Jersey cows is one of the best-tasting and most nutritious foods available to the public today.  We want to provide our customers with the highest-value eating experience for their family and friends.  We want to provide other farmers with the tools and resources they need to do the same for their families and communities.

Here are some facts that make our Organic Grass-Fed A2 Jersey dairy different:

  • Our calves nurse their actual mother from birth through weaning at about 8 months, never getting any artificial milk replacer
  • Our cattle are kept on pasture every day of their life
  • we organically manage our pastures, applying no synthetic chemicals in the form of poisonous pesticides or herbicides
  • We graze our cows, moving them daily to fresh pasture during the growing season (March-December).  We do not feed grain.
  • In the winter, our cows are fed stockpiled forage and organic hay.  Again, we do not feed grain.  Our milk is 100% Grass-Fed, which is to say, it is 100% Grain-Free!

Our Organic Grass-Fed A2 Jersey products are sold under the Davey Road Ranch label.  Learn more at www.daveyroadranch.comDon’t forget to sign up for our Email list in order to keep up with all the important news and announcements from Holt Creek Jerseys.