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129 JE141 KAVAN-P



BORN: 5/9/2017

SIRE: Branched Oak Sunpower Alvin-PP

DAM: Holt Creek Karaoke Ballad {2} EX-90

MGS: The Balladeer of Holt Creek

10-star Rating: ★★★★★★ (6 stars)
Beta Casein: ★★ (A2A2)
Kappa Casein: ★★ (BB)
Beta Lactoglobulin: ★ (AB)
Horn/Polled: ★ (Heterozygous Polled)
Pedigree: Unregistered, Generation Count {0}
aAa: 534 (Smooth, Open, Strong)


KAVAN comes from a family of small, capacious cows with high butterfat production capabilities. His dam as an 8-year-old produced a lactation average of 8.1% butterfat and at 9 years old appraised at Excellent 90%. Kavan’s pedigree contains a balance of Beledene Dukes Landy foundation on both sides as well as Holt Creek and NorthCoast breeding. He is sired by our popular homozygous polled bull Alvin, and his dam is sired by the Balladeer of Holt Creek, who was a very popular early sire of ours that had daughters that performed well in many herds. If you are looking for polled, A2A2 Jersey semen that can add capacity without necessarily adding size, and improve butterfat %, Kavan may be a good choice for you.

Holt Creek Karaoke Ballad {2} EX-90, dam of Kavan-P, pictured at 10 years old.

Kara’s top production record:

age: 8-00 281 days 5,511 milk 444 fat 8.1% 192 protein 3.5%

produced on grass only, with no grain, on partial once-a-day milking

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